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A New Beginnings

Three Years ago I created a combination essence for May which was called 'New Beginnings'. It was to help us to key into the powerful Sring Equinox energy or renewal and creation. It was stange to reflect three years later when Phil passed away on the 1st May 2011 that this May was indeed a time of new beginnings! My next piece will be about Sweet Chestnut and the help and support the essences can us when we are going through a terminal illness and can give carers of people with serious conditions.

I will also be looking more closely at Mustard from the same angle. So don't forget to sign up to receive the Newsletter and also get info on Workshops and trainings around the country.

I am still taking my 'New Beginnings' essence and for anyone also going through great changes at the moment the essence can be ordered from Ainsworths on 020 7935 5330. If you have your own essence set you can mix a combination for yourself.

New Beginnings Combination

Cerato to help us to be decisive and trust our intuition.

Honeysuckle to allow us to move forward easily through the coming year.

Chestnut Bud To helps us create a new reality, a new pattern and release any pattern that has not served us in the past.

Walnut will help to balance us through the changes we will experience.

Wild Oat To help us to take the next step - to recognise where we want to be and to begin doing what is needed to be done to get there.

and Aspen has the wondrous effect of helping old and unhelpful patterns to be disintegrated and allow the natural or unlimited realisation of ourselves - with out fear.

If you have an essence set - you can make it up yourself. If you do not have a set, combination essences are available from Ainsworths on 020 7935 5330 and ensure you ask for 'New Beginnings' and give them the essences needed.

Finally I would like to share with you how I have been so inspired and delighted by the books I have been reading this week, 'Annastatia' by Vladimir Megre is the first in a series of 9 books which make incredible reading, they are some of the most uplifting and inspiring reading I have come across - I highly recommend them. The link to their website is

We look forward to seeing many of you during the summer - keep an eye on workshop dates on the home page and the Venues page.

With love and blessings


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