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25th July 2014

Gorse - Helping us to remain focused and energised through the dark winter months. You can already see Gorse on the heathlands bravely in flower, seemingly reminding us that spring is on the way!

Welcome to our Bach Flower website bringing you information on Bach Flower Essences and Professional and Practitioner Training Courses in New Cavendish St London and with workshops and events all over the UK, as well as Potters Bar Hertfordshire and St Neots Cambridgeshire.

The next Courses to run at Ainsworths in London are now listed on the Bach Courses page and I will add other workshops as venues and specialist courses are set up.

Dr Bach recognised the importance of a positive emotional state for our optimum health and wellbeing. He also understood the significance of nature in the process of accepting and integrating life experiences and challenges. .

We could certainly do with more sunshine this year! However as I write this the sky is a Mediteranean azure blue and only the speed of the clouds rushing from one side of my window to the other give away the ferocious wind outside. The quality of Gorse is the light shining in the darkness - the suggestion of Spring long before it really is prepared to burst into action. The garden is still very quiet - no snowdrops or signs of other activity. Gorse essence gives us the lift we may need to engage with the year and get on with tasks that won't wait til March!

Dr Edward Bach was ahead of his time in understanding how emotional states lead to physical as well as mental illness if they are left untreated. A fact which is now recognised by today’s medical profession. He spent the last years of his life endeavouring to make this simple, gentle and very effective system of natural medicine available to everyone. By the end of his life Dr Bach had identified 38 different flower remedies which he categorised into 7 emotional groupings.

I am Anna Jeoffroy-Salmon and I have been working with and promoting the use of these wonderful essences since 1992. My book ‘Dr Bach,s Flower Remedies – Tapping into the positive emotional qualities of the chakras’ written with my late husband Philip Salmon, has proved itself to be a popular read for those who wish to use these essences as an ongoing self development tool.

My continuing blog (click here) will give hints and tips for the use of Dr Bach's flower essences in everyday situations within the family, at work and to help our pets. Whether it is a work issue or a relationship issue using the understanding of the Chakras and the essences together we can release the resistance that creates the negative experience.

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On this website I share information on courses and trainings that I am running around the country including the flag ship practitioner training which I wrote and run for the Bach Education Foundation through Ainsworths with Bach Flower Courses in London. There will be dates of all the Bach Flower Workshops that I am running throughout the UK, tips on using the essences and also news of the Annasation technique, my unique and exciting new understanding that enable you to use the essences to dissolve the inherent blocks we have allowed to develop and which impede our natural ability to create the reality we wish for.
I will also share case studies so if you have an interesting result or want help with choosing essences do let me know.

Very soon I will be offering the opportunity to buy books and essences online.

Diary for Bach Flower Courses Workshops and Events in London and the UK.

Bach Courses and Practitioner Training in London at Ainsworths for 2012
Call Sylvia on 020 7935 5330 Details of Courses are on the Venues and dates page.
You can also book onto the courses held at Ainsworths by clicking on the link

Calling all Therapists and Practitioners

Anna's workshops on 'Healing us - Healing them' are very popular with all therapists - and are applicable no matter which therapies you deliver. The Association of Reflexologists ran an 'Introduction to Healing us - Healing them' which was a one day overveiw.
Anna can present a number of follow up with 'Bach Essences for a changing world' - which centres on the use of Bach essences to help us to deal with our own emotional issues and the fall out of working with others and the planatary healing we have conciously or unconsciously taken on.
'Creating life and practice we want' helps us to understand how we create our own reality and the ways we block the perfection that we are capable of achieving.
'The 7 ages of man' looks at the relationship between the chakras and our emotional development and the significance of damage at each stage in our or our clients lives.

To be able to work most effectively with others it is necessary to support our own emotional state and healing path which we have all at some level committed to by becoming practitioners. Bach Flower essences are the perfect way to heal ourselves and create a safe healing atmosphere for those we seek to help. Anna and her husband Phil have spend many years working with the essences and have written a book called 'Dr Bach's Flower Remedies - tapping into the positive emotional qualities of the Chakras'

Workshops booked for this year

(See contacts to ring to reserve a place)

Planned workshop in February 2014

The Essence of Good Relationships

Planned workshop in Newcastle on Tyne

The Essence of Caring

Introduction to Bach Flower Remedies.
Venues and dates to be confirmed.

Planned workshop in Preston Lancashire.

Introduction to Bach Flower Essences
Venue and dates to be confirmed

We are happy to quote for running a workshop or seminar for a group. We have spoken at conferences and seminars and are able to design workshops and trainings for therapists and businesses as well as public events.

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